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TRI-COUNTY serves the business community in the maintenance and restoration of three important areas of your commercial enterprises.  


  • In the kitchen, we take great pride in the quality UPKEEP AND MAINTENANCE OF YOUR FRYER SYSTEMS, meeting all your fryer needs; both in oil disposal, boil-outs, and upkeep of the fryers themselves, leaving you with a more pleasant working environment, and better tasting food.  Our customers will tell you that their fryers perform better, and look like new when we are done with them. And don’t forget, we start each new customer with a free, complimentary boil-out and deep clean for each of your fryers.


  • Our second area of expertise is in the application of CEILING AND WALL CLEANING for aggressive, long-term, microbial cleaning. In many cases, we can clean your business ceilings and walls to a “like new” condition in just a few short hours with a saving of up to 90% the cost of replacement.  Our Cleaning System eliminates molds, mildews, and pollutants…and continues to assure perfect sanitary conditions long after the cleaning process has ended. Ask us about our current monthly special, and save even more!

  • Our third area of expertise is in the application of COMMERCIAL EXHAUST HOOD CLEANING. Hoods, filters, ductwork, exhaust fan, fan housing. From the stove to the roof we will inspect and give you an in-depth inspection report that will provide you with information on all your problem areas. And again after work is completed another verifiable report that will give you the peace of mind in knowing the job is done right... and by an NFPA CERTIFIED company.

We are very proud of the services we offer, the company we represent, and the customers that we serve. Our family has lived and worked in Michigan for the past 90 years. We are part of the community and people. We are local, aggressive, and stand ready to completely meet the needs of your business. Well over 84% of our customer base repeats the application of our services on a regular basis… and we believe that this speaks to our professionalism, care, and integrity.


I look forward to hearing from you, providing you with references, estimates, and solutions. My Grandfather was an entrepreneur and taught me the value of integrity, and doing business with excellence, or not doing it at all. I know you will appreciate a company that still believes that a man’s word should mean something.

(Jeff) executive chef

"The fryers look amazing!  I noticed right away, and so did my staff; One employee thought I had bought new fryers and had them installed overnight.  Thank you again for the great service you are providing.  You didn't need to impress me ( I already know your work ethic and character), but I want you to know that your efforts are impressing the rest of my team, both management and hourly."


Thank you!

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