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TRI COUNTY offers fast and efficient service for all your fryer needs:


  • Boil-outs


  • Oil Removal and Disposal


  • Oil Filtering


  • Regular, Complimentary Fryer Body Cleaning and Maintenance


  • Surrounding area left clean and oil free




If you use your fryers on a regular basis, you know the importance of changing out your oil regularly.  Fresh oil makes for the best tasting food, and regularly removing the sludge and debris keeps your machine running more efficiently with less breakdowns.


Whether you routinely drain the old oil yourself for pickup by a third party, or have a company come in and do the job for you, we think that’s only half the job done.

Whether your fryers are used heavily on a daily basis, or less often, they quickly build up layers of carbon and sludge. Everyone knows what a pain it is to clean your Fryers thoroughly, and often this job is put off for too long.  


TRI COUNTY takes all the oil and sludge out, wipes down the fryer, cleans the

surrounding floor of any oil splash and debris, and refills the fryer with fresh oil.  EVERY TIME.


Don’t need to replace your oil quite so fast?  We also do Oil Filtering.


NOT ONLY THAT,  but we will start your new oil contract with free complimentary Boil-Out’s for each one of your fryers, to get you started out right.  Our customers say it looks like they are starting with new Fryers again!


Let us restore your fryers to like new condition. Keeping your machines maintained will keep your machine running smoothly for much longer! We can also safely dispose of the cleaning water offsite.  We know that each Kitchen is different, with different needs. Set up a free consultation, so we can work with you to come up with the perfect solutions to your needs.

Curious about where your oil goes?  We Partner with Detroit Grease, ( to locally recycle your used oil into Biodiesel and compost for local farms, for carbon footprint free recycling.  


Detroit Grease explains why this is so important to YOUR BUSINESS:


“Using a recycled waste product for biodiesel production does not divert global food supply chains.  In this manner, not only can you play a key role in keeping food productions costs down, but also a key role in the transformation of our energy sector, and the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity around the world.”


We are proud to partner with a local company that cares about issues that are important to you and your business.  So you can feel good about joining the TRI COUNTY family!

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