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The TRI-COUNTY Anti-Microbial Cleaning System represents that absolute cutting edge of modern Nano Technologies, and represents the fastest growing division of the TRI-COUNTY services. Companies all over the county are using this exclusive, patented system in lieu of traditional cleaning techniques.

High pressure steam cleaning and hot water pressure washing for floors, cooking equipment, sidewalks, brick walls, etc

Give us a call...  We do it all!

How does the process work?

  • The TRI-COUNTY Solution is one of the very few commercial alternatives to chemical-based microbial cleaning.

  • The TRI-COUNTRY Solution is highly effective and safe for humans and animals.

  • Avoids “Super Bug” mutations as there is no chemical interaction with microbes.

  • The TRI-COUNTY Solution lasts for 90+ days…while traditional, chemical alternatives last for approximately 20 minutes.

  • The TRI-COUNTY Solution can be used virtually anywhere…on any surface.

  • The TRI-COUNTY Solution is EPA registered and USDA approved.

How do the TRI-COUNTY Anti-Microbial Cleaning Solutions Work?

  • The TRI-COUNTY Anti-Microbial Solutions form a “Nano-Scale Layer on treated surfaces.

  • Through “Self Assembled” layers, the TRI-COUNTY solution forms an almost permanent bond with the surface.

  • This results in a dense field of carbon shafts projecting from the treated surface.

  • Bacterial cells are drawn to the positively charged nitrogen ends of these carbon shafts.

  • A positive charge on the nitrogen end interacts with the negative charge on the bacterial cell.

  • This “interaction” disrupts the cell, leading to a “leaking” of the cytoplasmic content and the cell’s ability to regulate osmotic potential, which ultimately leads to cell death.

  • Inactivity of the cell is a direct result of a physical, NOT a chemical process.

the advantages to having our anti-microbial application at your business are endless, and the results are amazing.  

Locker Rooms, Sport Teams, Hospitals, Colleges and Universities, Airports, Plane Interiors, Cruise Ships, School Systems, Buses, Doctor’s Offices, Public Bathrooms, Amusement Parks, Gyms and Exercise Equipment, Waiting Rooms, Pharmacies and Drug Stores, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Ambulances, Medical Equipment, Examination Rooms, Hotel Rooms, Dining Rooms and Kitchens, Conference Rooms, Playgrounds and Equipment, Toys, Day Cares…

We would be delighted to meet with you and discuss the amazing results

that TRI-COUNTY can deliver to your business.

Ten times more affective…ten times greater savings……

Proudly using the AMERICAN FAMILY Commercial Systems

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